Tate Modern

Tate Modern wanted an information pack to tell regular and new visitors about forthcoming British Sign Language (BSL) Talks and improve the audience attendance.

Following the brief, we discussed and demonstrated potential concepts to create a multifunctional marketing tool. We created an eye-catching ‘BSL Talks information leaflet/calendar’. The strategic emphasis was ensuring the information leaflet/calendar was user-friendly so visitors had a choice of using it as an information leaflet or calendar. Since its release, Tate Modern had increased their regular audience from 20 to 90 on average per month and retained and stabilised these numbers.

Other projects:

• BSL Talks (2007 & 2008) Information leaflet/calendar

• Multimedia Tour, poster, flyer, invitation and evaluation report

• Touch Tour flyers in large print and Braille

“Tate Modern is pleased to support and recommend the services of Cutting Edge Design. It is important, when selecting a design consultancy, to go with one that is aligned with our intentions to provide accessible, socially responsible design ideas. Cutting Edge have designed and produced a fantastic BSL events calendar for us, and long may our working partnership continue.”

Marcus Dickey-Horley, Curator, Access projects, Tate Modern & Britain

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